Skilled Divorce Attorneys For Military Members, Federal Employees And Their Spouses

Military members, federal employees and their spouses who face a divorce must overcome unique challenges and roadblocks in the process. Without knowledgeable help, either party in a divorce may encounter significant problems involving their finances and children. At Krueger, Juelich & Schmisek, PLLC, our experienced lawyers assist people in the Twin Cities areas with all aspects of a military divorce.

Our Minnetonka family law attorneys are ready to help you protect your rights and get favorable outcomes for your divorce. We have decades of combined experience and a long history of positive results for clients. You can schedule your initial consultation now by calling our friendly staff at 952-373-8564.

Legal Considerations For A Military Divorce

A military divorce can face many complicating factors, such as a spouse being on active duty or failing to meet the Minnesota divorce residency requirement. Our lawyers work closely with every client to understand the circumstances of their military divorce. We will create a personalized case strategy based on a close inspection of your finances, retirement accounts, and other relevant case details.

A few critical military divorce issues that we handle include:

  • The equitable division of military pensions and other benefits
  • The divorce of an active-duty military member
  • Determining spousal maintenance
  • Child custody and support issues
  • Mediation and alternative dispute resolution

The Challenges Of A Federal Employee Divorce

Similar to military members, federal employees and their spouses must navigate difficult obstacles when filing for divorce. Our attorneys will do everything in their power to get you the best possible outcome for your divorce and prevent future legal issues from arising. We can help you with a variety of unique federal employee divorce issues, such as:

  • Dividing federal employee retirement accounts, such as thrift savings plans, pensions, and survivor annuities
  • Securing continued health insurance coverage
  • Federal life insurance policies

Learn More By Talking To A Divorce Attorney

The sooner that our attorneys get involved in your divorce, the more we will be able to help. You can contact Krueger, Juelich & Schmisek, PLLC, now by calling 952-373-8564 or by sending us an email. We can answer your questions in your initial consultation.