Navigating Child Support Issues In Minnesota

Parents may not stay together forever, but the bond between parent and child lasts a lifetime. When a marriage ends in divorce or when unmarried parents separate, both parents remain responsible for the care and support of the children until emancipation. It is often necessary for one parent to provide child support payments to the other for this purpose.

If you are seeking child support in Minnesota, or it is being sought from you, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side. At Krueger, Juelich & Schmisek, PLLC, we handle a broad range of family law matters, including those involving child support and other legal issues that affect children. We are trusted advocates for clients throughout the Twin Cities. Call our Minnetonka office now at 952-373-8564 to schedule your consultation.

Child Support In Minnesota

In Minnesota, child support is determined by a set of guidelines that take into account factors such as:

  • Each parent’s gross monthly income
  • The number of children
  • The amount of parenting time awarded to each parent
  • Monthly child care and medical costs

Child support issues are not always straightforward and clear cut. This is especially true when one parent is self-employed, voluntarily underemployed or is attempting to hide income. We are skilled at identifying and imputing income to protect our clients and their children. No child support issue is too complex.

In addition to handling initial child support determinations, we represent clients in modifying and enforcing child support orders.

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